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Bloomin' Mad!

I don't know if it's normal for roses to increase so much from one year to the next. I planted Quietness last June as a band and by the end of the year she had given me two flowers. This morning I counted seventeen buds for her first flush of the year. Seventeen! Chapeau de Napoleon did two flowers last year and so far this spring I count fourteen little tricorns. I don't doubt there will be more. Is it the Neptune's Harvest? Or do roses really grow this fast?

Madame Hardy has finally started setting buds. There are eight so far. Konigin von Danemark has one bud. Gallicandy has seven. I heard that both Gallicandy and Chapeau de Napoleon can bloom for six weeks, and I believe it!

Both Evelyn and Jude the Obscure are setting out clusters of buds. The pokiest of last year's Austins continues to be Scepter'd Isle. Maybe I'm judging her too harshly, because her offspring Carding Mill is just as pokey.

Honeycomb is not dead. Crown Princess Margareta has only been in the ground for a week and she already looks like she's going to be the largest rose in our garden.