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Today I tired myself out doing yard work. I don't mind weeding and fixing up the yard, but after awhile my temples started to throb and I got pretty dizzy. Too hot for that stuff, eh? I was wearing a hat and everything....=_=

Kristen and I got a little package today. Not doll things, just some manga and doujinshi AND an Urusei Yatsura soundtrack CD. So here I am, sitting in front of the computer and listening to "Love is a Boomerang" over and over. Beautiful Dreamer has to have been the absolute best anime movie that was based on a TV series. EVER. I wish I had it on DVD, I only have the subtitled version on VHS tape--and not a VCR in sight! Urusei Yatsura was the first anime I ever watched (not counting Voltron!); I was fifteen at the time, and as soon as I watched one volume I had to run out to a faraway mall and buy two more--at $40 a tape! That was before the days of the internet. n_n I didn't like the manga much, but the TV series was just so fun! I should buy a DVD or two once I beat back some of this debt. The last volume I saw was the one when Ryuunosuke was first introduced. I've seen all the movies, though!


I've been feeling kind of low.....for a stupid reason, but Newsweek printed some pictures from the filming of the third Harry Potter movie, and lots of people have been foaming at the mouth because of a small, blurry picture of David Thewlis as Professor Lupin. It was such a bad picture--he was in the background and you couldn't even make out his face, but....O_O...it's been causing quite a fuss among Harry Potter fans who didn't like him in the first place. I've been feeling badly about it, but....by some strange stroke of luck they were showing Restoration on TV tonight. I've heard that he was quite good in that, but it hadn't held enough interest for me to rent the DVD. Well....let's just say it purged all memories of Dragonheart from my mind. He has pretty strange features, but his eyes are exceptionally nice and when he smiles he is quite lovely ^o^! I can see why he would make a good Lupin. He has a hoarse-sounding voice, and looks drawn and a little sullen, but when he smiles.....:D....so cute! Kind of like Faust in Shaman King, ha ha! Never fear, people! You really have to see him in action as a sympathetic character to like him. I don't want to open any cans of worms here, because even though it's not that big an issue it means a lot to quite a few people. Oh well. I feel better, at least. ^o^;;.....As long as it's still him in that costume, he will be a nice Lupin.

Speaking of which, is Draco Malfoy going to wear his hair down? Looks like it. I don't even like him, but that makes me happy ^o^;;...

I saw some nice custom 1/6 scale dolls on Yahoo!Japan, for a change! They're going up pretty high. I'll post a link of the one I like the best, but the auction's almost over. Hope you all have IDs!



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Jul. 30th, 2003 10:09 pm (UTC)
What? What about Draco wearing his hair down? You've seen a pic?

*curious as to how he looks with hair down*

Jul. 31st, 2003 08:29 pm (UTC)
Well, here's the picture that was shown in the Sun. It's a production still, so I'm not sure if it'll make it into the final cut, but you can have a look:

Jul. 31st, 2003 06:14 am (UTC)
There's been a crazy rush of pretty custom 1/6 dolls lately. Or did I just miss them before in my frenzy to spend money on Super Dollfie? But anyway, yaaah, Chic's dolls are almost always gorgeous. They go for such insane amounts! Same for cat_rare and Angel Plume dolls. I desperately wanted to get the silver-haired Angel Plume head that ended yesterday, but she went for 47,000 yen, I think. Crazy! =*_*=
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