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It's a beginning.

Now that the threat of frost is finally over (I hope) we managed to put three of our potted roses in the ground and gave them each a house-warming gift of some used loose tea leaves, which I heard are great for acid-loving plants like roses. That hardware cloth is not fun to work with! If it weren't for my rose gloves my hands would have been all bloody from the sharp edges. The gloves got pricked up a bit but I guess that's what they're there for. :O So far we've managed to plant Umbra, Heritage and Capitaine John Ingram. Next up are probably Mariannes 1 and 2, Crown Princess Margareta and maybe Claire Austin.

We are really going to try to get as many of these roses into the ground as possible. I'm tired of lugging around potted roses--I think that the only ones we'll keep that way are the roses that are too small or too tender to go in the ground. I have a feeling that Reine des Violettes and Alchymist are not going to be able to be planted until next year. What a joke!

Of the roses we had originally intended to keep in pots, I think that Lady Emma Hamilton and Wildeve might need to go into the ground. So tentatively, our permanent pot roses will be Princess Alexandra of Kent, Carding Mill, Darcey Bussell, Iobelle, Margo Koster, Prairie Sunrise (looks great right now, but really is an ideal potted roses with a cute rounded habit and gorgeous, disease-resistant foliage), sad sack Julia Child and the enormous freak that is Silver Shadows #1.

Provided that they're hardy to at least Zone 5, if I see any mildew on these roses they're going in the ground. I mean it!