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Late Frost--Who Needs It?

Yet it seems to happen every year...

I don't know how much of a risk this is to the roses, but we covered what we could tonight. I had to rig up a makeshift framework out of large pots and drape an old sheet over Evelyn. We also put a big pot on top of little Allegra, which now has two buds. From my experience it would take several hard freezes to defoliate the roses, but I'd hate to see the buds on the OGRs damaged. I also am loathe to see Evelyn lose her first flush. If the buds make it it will be sight to see. I think there are around eight buds so far!

Speaking of buds, Belle de Crecy has really cool-looking buds! Princess Alexandra of Kent still hasn't bloomed yet, but I see a tiny little bud on our sad little William Shakespeare 2000. Maybe it would be best to pinch it, but the plant doesn't seem to have any problems growing. Also, I want to confirm it really is AUSromeo. If it isn't, heads will roll!

No comment on Reine des Violettes at the moment...but Reine Victoria is growing really well. Both Marianne #1 and Capitaine John Ingram have had a touch of PM, but I think I'm keeping it at bay with Actinovate. I'm not sure, but Marianne #1 MIGHT be setting buds. Oh, what if it really does bloom, even though we overwintered it in our unheated foyer instead of outside in the ground where it belonged? Another round of Marianne? I just might explode. XD

Crown Princess Margareta, Carding Mill and Claire Austin are all popping up little buds. So far the bloom machines look like they're going to be Wildeve, Princess Alexandra of Kent and Heritage. Hm...