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Well, here you go.

My favorite rose (so far!) by Leenechan
My favorite rose (so far!), a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

It's Marianne, and my pasty hand.

I'd rather keep all parts of myself out of my photos, but these flowers have a tendency to droop.

It's funny that now that I've managed to land so many apricot roses I'm desperate to find a David Austin rose that's pure pink without a hint of apricot. Unless they're red they all seem to have an apricot cast. I guess that's what the albas are for, right? And Quietness is pink...

I'd like to see Princess Alexandra of Kent bloom soon. She just seems to be contemplating her buds...but I don't think she's balling. I'm pretty sure her flowers are supposed to be very large.

As for the troubled roses, Margo Koster seems like she's doing better. Julia Child might take awhile. Never give up!