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Impatience is not a virtue.

I started growing roses simply because I want to see something beautiful before I die (which hopefully won't be any time soon). Sometimes I wonder if all I'm really doing is providing a salad bar for all the insects and other pests in the neighborhood. Here I am, running outside morning and night looking for flower buds, counting flower buds, gloating over flower buds...when many of them will probably either get mauled by insects or bitten off by a rabbit before they can mature into a flower.

Sometimes gardening really sucks. There are no guarantees, and you waste a lot of money. Sometimes I wonder if I should just throw my hands up and let nature take its course. Then I go out to shoot more aphids off Paul Ricault and Gallicandy with my Solo Sprayer. =_=

It's especially tough with a plant like Allegra that's so tiny and only has one bud. If anything happens to that bud I won't get a chance to see her bloom until next year. And who knows what might happen before then? Somebody might die, or we might get hit with a Cat. 3 hurricane. Yes, I am naturally this neurotic.

On a lighter note, Princess Alexandra of Kent (AUSmerchant!) is churning out buds like mad. After the first flush happens there will be another ready in only a few weeks. I really hope this rose is going to be a reliable friend. Last year I thought Julia Child would be one, and now she's a sodden aphid-ravaged mess!

I wonder if all this frustration is punishment over the fact that the notoriously finicky Evelyn is doing so well in our garden. I've counted at least four buds on her for her first flush, and those flowers are big!