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Maybe buds?

I found at least two "maybe buds" on Gallicandy this morning, two on Paul Ricault and three "definitely buds" on Evelyn. It looks like Evelyn is going to put out an honest-to-goodness flush this time around. I hope the rabbit(s) will leave her alone!

Julia Child looks absolutely horrible right now. She's covered with the dead remains of three different colors of aphids and her foliage is discolored and curling. Anyone who says that aphids are not a serious pest of roses can bite me, really. There are some roses they just have it out for and there's not much you can do about it. At least they've backed off James Mason this year. They have plenty of targets this year, but they mostly like to molest Julia Child, Distant Drums and Moondance. I think they might also be stealthily sucking the juices out of Carding Mill, the bastards! You'd think that spraying in the morning and evening with insecticidal soap would be enough to get rid of them!

It's finally happened--our yellow lilac "Primrose" has finally become a real lilac bush! It will probably bloom tomorrow. I remember that two years ago we decided to really take care of it, and if it didn't do better we were going to get rid of it. It was only 3 feet tall back then and could barely produce flowers. Now it's over 5 feet tall and loaded with big, heavy blooms! I guess that you really do need to water lilacs once a week and give them a glug of Neptune's Harvest at the start of the season. I am so impressed!

Marianne #2 and Princess Alexandra of Kent will probably pop within a week.