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Thank heaven for small miracles.

Even though Julia Child is now a gross aphid farm and Margo Koster is roughly a quarter of the size she was when we first got her, our number one problem child Prairie Sunrise has finally decided to go crazy after limping along for two years and is shooting out in all directions. I don't know what the heck her problem has been since the fall of 2011, and why she's finally decided to stop growing roots and start making canes. Maybe somebody up there decided I needed some good news? XD

Evelyn's got buds, woo hoo! Most of the OGRs aren't far enough along to set out buds yet, but I have a feeling that the first one is going to be Paul Ricault. Or maybe Madame Plantier. Felicite Parmentier is behaving in a rather amusing manner right now. Here I was thinking that maybe she was too puny to survive! She's at least bigger than Allegra now, and that basal cane is definitely a basal cane, LOL. I can't expect her to bloom this year, but it would be nice...

Simon Estes is actually starting to look like a proper shrub. Considering that I planted her a year later, I think it's funny that Quietness is almost the same size. Quietness is a really good grower. Also, I have a feeling that Gallicandy is going to get scary big.

I'm biting my nails watching Reine des Violettes drop her crispy leaves. At this point Reine Victoria is doing much better...but Reine des Violettes at least is showing signs of growing laterally.