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Warming up.

But the night temperature is going to drop to around 37 degrees. Again. I really don't want to have to take in our potted roses to protect them from frost damage. Again. Most of the roses we have out are quite cold-hardy, except for Iobelle and Silver Shadows. Some of them are pretty small, though, and I definitely don't want any of the plants with buds to get damaged. Those would be Sugar Moon, Tamora, Belle de Crecy, Marianne #2, Princess Alexandra of Kent, Alchymist and Prairie Sunrise.

I think that the first rose in the ground to bloom will likely be Heirloom, followed by either Simon Estes or Honeysweet. Evelyn looks like she's going to start putting out buds soon, as well. I wonder if the once-blooming roses come later? Last year the only once-bloomer we had that bloomed was Chapeau de Napoleon, and we had to pinch the buds off Simon Estes for a month because they kept balling.

I'm becoming dangerously attracted to a rose called "Constance Spry." Unfortunately, I don't think we have room for a 10'by 10' rose in our yard. Also, it only blooms for 2 weeks out of the year!


It seems that in spite of the fragility of the flowers, Heritage really likes hot sun. Same with Tamora and Sugar Moon. I have no idea where we're going to plant Heritage. I need to get hardware cloth to make mole/vole barriers. That rose has already outgrown its nursery pot and would probably be much happier in the ground.