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Beat Down.

Boo...our herbaceous peonies took a big hit from the harsh winter. A lot of them are half the size they were last year. I don't know if their diminished size is due to the winter weather or the ridiculous thaw/freeze last spring. Oh well. New bloomin' peonies will be Athena, Prairie Moon, Amalia Olson and Lorelei. I think I'm done with herbaceous peonies...ugh. No new plants for me!

Strangely enough, the Chinese tree peonies suffered little to no damage and are growing strong. I guess they are just better plants in general--long live tree peonies! Flying Swallow in a Red Dress will be blooming for the first time this year. No flowers from Black Tornado, but the plant itself has grown huge!

The roses actually didn't suffer much damage at all, in spite of the 3 foot blizzard. Siren's Keep, Silver Shadows #2 and Golden Princess are the only roses that suffered meaningful dieback. What is the world coming to when roses over-winter better than peonies? Gallicandy has become a big beast over the past few weeks. I don't see any buds on any of the once-blooming roses yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!