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Roses incoming.

Within the next two weeks, unless somebody screws something up.

Hybrid Perpetual Rose "Reine des Violettes"

Climbing Rose "Alchymist"

Hybrid Gallica Rose "Marianne" (whyyyyyyy)

Gallica Rose "Belle de Crecy"

Hybrid Musk Rose "Lavender Lassie"( to replace last year's fatality)

Griffith Buck Rose "Dawn Star"

David Austin Rose "William Shakespeare 2000"

David Austin Rose "Ambridge Rose"

I was poking around in the behind-the-garage bed and noticed that our wee Felicite Parmentier has had a child!!! She's shot up a lookalike cane about 5 inches from the main plant. I'm not sure if it's a sucker or a basal cane. I am so stoked. I guess that's what she was doing with that massive rootball over the winter? Gallicandy did the same thing, LOL...