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Unearthing the Garden.

Since it's the middle of April already, we've started to remove the winter protection on our roses. And to be honest, I think that the roses we didn't manage to protect suffered the least amount of damage! Golden Princess, Silver Shadows and Siren's Keep got crunched good. Quietness wasn't damaged as badly as I thought. Of all our roses, I think that the least cold-hardy is probably Iobelle. It suffered freeze damage in our 40 degree anteroom over the winter. I'm not sure what zone it's hardy to--helpmefind.com says 7b, but that might be the default for the site. Still, I'd believe it!

Enchanted Autumn, however, appears to be cold-hardy to at least Zone 5 and survived our harsh New England winter with very little dieback. Ditto for hybrid tea rose Heirloom. It was a leap of faith to plant those roses in the ground, but I'm glad we did. They're much too big to be grown in pots!

I see little flowerbuds on Princess Alexandra of Kent! I'm not going to bother pinching them, because I know that her roots are massive. Next week we should have Tamora, Sugar Moon and Heritage coming in, and then Reine des Violettes at the end of the month. I hope we see a lot of nice things this year. Bartzella should finally bloom! I expect magic!