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Secret Project?

I actually don't remember if I mentioned this doll at all. After she was rerooted, I had to wait more than a month to have her repainted because of various home and cat expenses. Oh, but it was worth it!

I know that Asellus is supposed to have dark green hair, but this is the only green hair available in saran. Dollyhair Nylon in Poison Ivy would have been perfect but Kristen doesn't like working with it and neither do I! Especially not for a hairstyle like this one.

Her adorable face was painted by No Nap Time. I was concerned that she'd end up looking too much like Princess Bubblegum, seeing as they're both Draculaura. She doesn't really, now, does she?

I think she looks like Pat Benatar with that mouth, so cute! All the artwork of Asellus has her looking to the side, so I asked for her to be side-glancing.

Even though SaGa Frontier was a troubled game, I loved playing Asellus' quest. I think that if she were designed for a different series she'd probably be a repulsive Lolita and not a spiky-haired androgynous cutie!