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Ready and waiting...

My first order of roses for 2013 will probably show up tomorrow. I am ready and waiting with potting soil, sterilized pots and rose gauntlets! We had a miniature snowstorm yesterday but thankfully most of it has melted already. But it's been cold, really cold, and I can't believe that at this time last year we were getting daytime temperatures in the 80s!

I made another batch of my "famous" brownies tonight, this time with amaretto frosting. I wanted to try out the frosting before I used it on a cake. I almost killed it when I added a bit too much amaretto to the mixing bowl (2T amaretto to 10T butter and 1 1/4c of confectioners' sugar, probably too much) and the frosting came out too runny. Thankfully adding a few extra spoonfuls of sugar corrected the consistency. The recipe calls for a standing mixer, but the damn thing is so heavy to lug around that unless I'm baking a cake I try to make do with an electric hand mixer. Never again! The frosting comes out much fluffier if you use a standing mixer. I probably should store my standing mixer upstairs on the kitchen counter but it takes up so much space and I use it on the average of once every six months. The few times I need to use it I have to lug it upstairs from our basement and I think it weighs about 30lbs. No kidding.

The frosting is pretty nice but I think it would probably better suit a white cake.

The roses I have in "cold storage" are starting to leaf out already. I'm not looking forward to putting Marianne back in the ground this spring. She's apparently recovered her rootball and has grown quite large in her pot. I really am gonna have two Mariannes....hot damn! So the only rose we lost to the mole assault was Lavender Lassie. I love Marianne, but I'm not thrilled about having to find a place to squeeze another 8-12 foot rose. Maybe I'll plant them both side by side as a Marianne hedge? I heard that birds like to live in Marianne. I like having lots of places in our yard for birds to live. It gives Lucas something to look at from the windows...when he's bored he can be a real freak. It's hard to believe he's going to be six years old next month! Oh BooBoo, may you live forever!