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Waiting for more snow.

We haven't seen much yet today, but most of it is supposed to fall in the overnight hours. Globbit! The roses had finally start poke their way out of the snowdrifts. Our bottom-of-the-hill roses (AUSjo, Madames Hardy and Plantier, Paul Ricault, etc) appear to be intact but Quietness has likely been squashed flat. No more snow, please!

I gave Nycteris her boil-perm tonight. She actually has turned out a lot better than I expected. I even managed to do the side braids in her ponytail! The only thing I changed from the design was to give her many small curls in back instead of one big one. I thought that if I used drinking straw rollers in her hair it would but the wrong scale for her face.

I don't know why the hairstyle and face option I used for her isn't pictured on the official Fire Emblem: Awakening website. I haven't seen anyone use the same hairstyle I did, either. As for her hair color, I just have such an obsession with blue hair...I couldn't help myself.