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Of Fire Emblem: Awakening.

ChromXAvatar F: I had reclassed her as a Dark Flier at some point and got Galeforce, so now I have Avatar F, Lucina and Morgan with Galeforce. Nice!

FrederickXSumia: Produced a dark brown haired Cynthia with Galeforce. I can't stand her, so I don't use her.

StahlXSully: I never figured out what to do with Stahl, but I maxed Sully out as a Paladin. So Kjelle is pretty good.

VaikeXCordelia: Produced a weird-looking blond Severa. Vaike was a Level 15 Hero and Cordelia was a maxed-out Pegasus Knight. Severa is hella strong but oh so annoying.

Lon'quXLissa: He was a Level 15 Swordmaster, she was a Level 17 Battle Cleric. Produced a very tough dark-haired Owain who makes an awesome Assassin.

VirionXMiriel: Don't really know what I was thinking with this one. He was a Level 15 Sniper, and she was a Level 15 Sorceror. Produced a blue-haired Laurent with very low defense, LOL...maybe I can train him up but Henry is my main mage, so...

RickenXNowi: He was a Level 15 Dark Knight, she was a Level 25 Manakete. I haven't used Nah very much but she has brown hair!

DonnelXOlivia: He was a Level 1 Hero (reclassed from Mercenary) she was a Level 15 Dancer. Produced a blackish-haired Inigo with decent skills. I hear he'll become a beast, but since he doesn't have Galeforce...hmmm...

LibraXTharja: Blond Noire is weird-looking....I haven't used her yet.

GaiusXPanne: He was a Level 17 Assassin, and she was a Level 18 Taguel. I haven't used Yarne very much...he isn't terrible.

GregorXMariabelle: He was a Level 15 Hero, she was a Level 15 Valkyrie. It looks like Brady inherited some good stuff, but I don't use him much.

KellamXCherche: Eh....I ran out of men. I find that all the flying mounted characters are a liability, and Gerome is no exception. Also, he's a sullen, emo bitch and I hate him.

I did marry off all the ladies, so I wonder if I'm missing someone?

Avatar F (I named her Nycteris), Lucina and Morgan are all tanks, thanks to my genetic engineering. I love a man with Galeforce...but Morgan M is just weird. I thought he'd be all wistful and waif-like, but he's really a dork with an Oedipal complex, LOL...

I'm not sure why they gave Ricken (Licht in the Japanese version) a man voice in the dub when he's very obviously supposed to be the shouta of group. Henry is also a shouta, but Ricken's Japanese voice is cute while Henry's is totally obnoxious. I guess it fits his character.