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Rain in Winter.

Soon Robecca will be on her way to be repainted. Asellus isn't quite finished yet; Kristen has been working on her all along, but now that her commissions are starting to come in I'm probably going to do the rest of her myself. If I can get my fingers to move!

Maybe it's because of the weather, but I'm feeling so creaky that I can barely type. Either that or I'm still feeling the effects of damaging my wrists playing too much Mario Kart 7 last weekend. I'm quitting that game for now. Video games shouldn't cripple you for days!

We tried making Brigadeiros from the recipe in Cook's Illustrated's DIY cookbook. I think they set a little too soft but they are addictively delicious. Not bad for a recipe that includes only three ingredients (cocoa powder, butter and sweetened condensed milk)! The recipe called to cook the mixture for 20-25 minutes and we did it for 30, but after we rolled the cooled mixture into balls they went splat and spread out like drop cookies. Maybe it takes longer on an electric stove? We'll probably try it again in two weeks. They have a lot of promise!