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My Adventures with the Playstation Vita.

I have exactly one game for it: Ys 4. I'm not allowing myself to touch it until I'm finished with my current RPG, because I have a bad habit of dropping games in the middle and from this year on I'd really like to start to love and respect myself.XD I figured it wouldn't be cheating if I just played a demo of a game that hasn't been released yet. So I tried out the demo for Tales of Hearts R.

I have finished the DS version of the game. Even though I thought the game was pretty much a solid "B" in the end, it was one of the rare Tales of games that didn't make me want to slap around at least half the cast. And the remake seems solid enough. The 3D models look better than they did in Graces and the battle engine is better than Vesperia's. It's nice to see Chalcedony as a playable character (I'm assuming he'll be permanent) but I'm not sure about the other guy...I'm trying to be open-minded, but I think they could have done better than some flamboyantly-dressed middle aged man they just tacked onto the story. On some website they said that Richea might be playable, but I'm pretty sure she's not. Phooey.

I am not happy that they added random encounters and killed the infinite TP gauge. That's going to make the game a lot harder. I'll still keep my preorder, though...