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A Garden in Winter.

No matter how cold it is, I always try to go out and take a walk around the yard and check on our sleeping plants. I do it mostly because I'm trying to keep an eye on our mole damage, but the fresh air is nice, too!

I think that when rosarians talk about gallica roses having fall color, they must mean winter color. James Mason has lost all his leaves, but Duchesse de Montebello is bright orange-red. Pretty!

Interestingly enough, I noticed that our biggest oriental poppy Princess Victoria Louise has produced a baby. I didn't realize that oriental poppies could reproduce via runners, but apparently they can! I'm thrilled because my poppy experience as a whole has been frustrating. I keep hearing that annual poppies are so easy to grow and they really aren't, at least not in my neck of the woods. If I had to choose one variety of poppy to succeed with, I'd prefer the oriental poppies, anyway. Unlike the annual poppies that lose their petals in a few hours, they keep them for at least three days. They are large and in charge, but they take up quite a bit of room.

I'm just remembering that for the first year with those oriental poppies, I had to run out and put umbrellas over them whenever we had a really hot day. I guess my perseverance paid off!

Some of my winter protection has blown away. Booo...none of the roses we have outside are really tender, but really, how annoying!

I took a hike down the bottom of our hill and I'm still in awe of the size of Jude the Obscure. I have a feeling it's going to be a six-footer, for sure!