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Putting the roses to sleep.

We finally put up the winter protection on our roses today. Monday night is supposed to be in the lower twenties! I'm hoping that the storm we get on Wednesday doesn't make it too windy. I'd hate to see all my homemade rose cones and mulch blow down the street!

Another week, another nor'easter. This one appears to be fairly typical. If I work myself up over every one of these events it's going to be a long winter!

I hope that all the roses make it through the winter. I'm worried more about vole damage than winter kill. We're keeping Julia Child, Distant Drums, Margo Koster, Umbra, Capitaine John Ingram, Prairie Sunrise, Iobelle and Marianne inside in an unheated room for the season. Most of the roses appear to have gone dormant, but Marianne and Julia Child are growing like nuts. I can tell that Marianne has recovered most of her root mass already--the plant feels pretty much cemented in the pot now.

I really am going to wind up with two Mariannes. When I thought Marianne was going to die I panicked and ordered a replacement band from RVR for next spring. Oh well. I hear that birds like to live in the full-grown shrub. Ah ha ha...

I don't believe I did a good job protecting AUSjo...but the shrub has grown way too large to be caged properly. I think it's Zone 4, anyway. And Prairie Star appears to be the hardiest of our Buck roses. We've gone through several freezes and she continues to grow!

Least cold hardy are Hettie, Silver Shadows and Cornelia. Moondance looks horrible right now, but I don't care. It's going next year. I'm not sure what I'm going to put in its place. Maybe David Austin rose Munstead Wood?