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Picking up the pieces.

It's absolutely amazing that we've escaped without a scratch considering the damage that has happened in our little state. Just 30 miles away. I wonder if this is how the coast felt at this time last year when the interior got clobbered with that freak snowstorm? We really thought we were going to freeze to death back then, but at least our house hadn't been damaged. It's not like we were underwater. Jesus. I hate to think this is going to keep on happening up here. We have had the lousiest luck with weather for the past few years. When's the last time Florida got hit by a hurricane?

I keep thinking that Gloria hadn't been that bad, but that was the only storm that left our yard in ruins. Broken trees everywhere--since I was a kid, I thought it looked like a playground. I guess we don't have much to lose any more. I've been eye-ing this one 100+ foot tree on the border of our yard that would cause quite a bit of mayhem if it fell, but it isn't really close to the house. If that tree fell, I'd never have to worry about hurricanes ever again. CL&P made us cut everything else down about a decade ago.

I can't believe how well Marianne is doing in her pot. She's starting to leaf out again! I'm kicking myself for ordering another band for next spring. Oh, well, two Mariannes are better than none.

Too bad she's going to be 12 feet tall...

Julia Child has really pulled herself together. She's a lovely potted rose. Margo Koster is a sad sack, though. The only positive thing I can say about her is that she doesn't have foliar disease.

EDIT: My parents work in West Haven, and a few of their co-workers who live on the shoreline have had their houses literally washed away. God. All we lost were two medium-sized tree branches.



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Oct. 31st, 2012 09:30 pm (UTC)
That must be such a terrifying situation. I am glad to read your family and your house are OK. Poor coworkers. I saw pictures of flooded neighbours and my heart sank. : (
Oct. 31st, 2012 09:41 pm (UTC)
One particular co-worker said that since her house was built on stilts it was okay, but two of her neighbors' homes ended up in her backyard. Her house is literally the only one standing. And she can't go back home, because there's a gas leak. You couldn't pay me enough to live on the shoreline.

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