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Rose Hardiness.

We've had a couple of freezes within the past 2 weeks, and I've had a chance to observe the cold-hardiness of our roses. We kept Margo Koster, Julia Child and Marianne inside, so they don't count!

Griff's Red, Hettie and Silver Shadows suffered a little freeze damage. I'm surprised by how cold-hardy my beloved Prairie Star has turned out to be--not only has she not suffered any damage to her foliage, but she continues to grow even now that our growing season has officially ended! I think she's Zone 4, while most of our other ever-blooming roses are Zone 5. The Austins seem like they're pretty cold hardy, too, especially Evelyn.

Chapeau de Napoleon, Rook and Konigin von Danemark have started to go dormant. Duchesse de Montebello, however, looks as fresh and green as she did in summer. I am noting that Madame Hardy seems to be a little hardier than Madame Plantier.

I believe that my dear Marianne is going to make it. She's more firmly rooted in her pot than she was 3 weeks ago, and I see little green growth buds all over her canes. So it's possible that the only causality in the mole attack was Lavender Lassie. Now, what am I gonna do with two Mariannes?