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Collaring Roses.

Today I collared Madame Hardy and Folk Singer. I hadn't seen any sign of tunneling around Mme. Hardy, but I'm especially protective of her because she's an OGR and I've never seen her bloom. Folk Singer, on the other hand, had a mole highway tunnel running right through her. She also had the most bitchin' rootball I've ever seen, even bigger than Chapeau de Napoleon's. I suspect that the mole(s) have just been tunneling around her.

The remaining roses that haven't been collared are Polonaise, James Mason and Konigin von Danemark. We're planning on digging up and potting Polonaise. At this point the last two haven't been touched. Constant vigilance!

Hardware cloth is sharp and dangerous to work with! I've cut my hands to shreds collaring those roses. It even tore through my gloves!

Boy oh boy do I need a backrub. But I can take a lot more physical punishment than I give myself credit for. Maybe it's because I'm running on caffeine?