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The Campaign and its result.

I had placed two baited mouse traps outside the suspected vole hole behind Marianne's old spot yesterday evening and covered them with a weighted bucket. I wasn't really expecting to catch anything the first night. I wasn't expecting to catch anything at all.

But I did. It was neither a meadow vole(stem girdler) nor a pine vole(root devourer). It was a mole.

So that means that whatever killed Lavender Lassie and uprooted Marianne was tunneling around looking for grubs, not roots to eat. And boy howdy do we have a lot of grubs in our soil. Those roses were just collateral damage.

I'm not sure how this is going to affect our game plan. We're going to keep protecting the roses but I don't think I'll trap any more. Moles aren't social animals, after all. We need to do grub control most of all.