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Trials and Tribulations.

Bear with me now. I'm at war with Mother Nature!

I feel a little uneasy because I caged Chapeau de Napoleon in favor of Madame Hardy. CdN isn't even in the same bed or even in the same part of the yard, but when I saw a little broomstick hole in the ground near him I just saw red!

It makes me worry because the Permatill stuff won't be here for a week. What is going to happen until then? If there are voles partying in the bed with CdN, I also have to worry about Rook. I'm all out of hardware cloth...

Mousetraps! Mousetraps! I bought all these mousetraps last year to deal with the creature that was stealing Lucas' food and never caught a single rodent. Part of me is saying, "Oh, they won't be a waste of money after all!" but the thought of snapping meadow/pine voles in the yard grosses me out. Because they are so adorable. But they could cost me my entire garden. I've lost plants to these bastards before: a beautiful flowering quince "Toyo-Nishiki," several oriental poppies, sea holly, and they almost killed clematis "Haku Ookan" in its first year.

Caging CdN was an ordeal. We planted that rose in September of 2011, and he has built up some massive roots! Jude the Obscure has also become a beast over the past few months. We were originally going to pot him up but his tallest cane is 41 inches tall. Our smallest Austin rose is still Scepter'd Isle.

This whole experience has rattled me to the bones. I have a vision that years from now the only roses we'll have left will be Duchesse de Montebello, Evelyn, Quietness, Rose de Rescht and Darlow's Enigma. Maybe Griff's Red will still be around. Hopefully Simon Estes as well. Why does life gotta be so hard?

EDIT: Maybe I shouldn't be tooting DdM's horn considering that I've never even seen her bloom, but she is one great looking plant. Gorgeous, pristine foliage. She started as a band but she's bigger than our Chamblee's gallons now. If anything happens to her heads will roll!