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So far we've managed to collar Madame Plantier, Jude the Obscure, Paul Ricault, Siren's Keep, Polareis and Chapeau de Napoleon. Six inches above and six inches below...not an easy task at all. I've ordered some of the Permafill/Soil Perfector stuff to protect some more roses. Madame Hardy, Rook, Allegra, Konigin von Danemark and Gallicandy are the priorities. I really have no idea how far that stuff goes...

The voles keep reopening that hole near Marianne's old place. The tunnel seems to be running from under our neighbor's fence into our yard. I baited two snap traps with peanut butter, placed them by the hole and covered it with a bucket and then weighted the bucket with stones. Maybe I won't catch anything, but those bastards killed Lavender Lassie! They may have killed Marianne. I'm out for blood!

Marianne...I don't know if she's going to make it in the long run. If she were a Buck rose I wouldn't doubt her survival. I am going to replace her no matter what. Marianne is one of the most beautiful roses I've ever seen, and if I don't get a new plant I'm going to feel resentful whenever anyone mentions her name.

It's funny that I originally ordered Marianne as a "back-up" apricot rose in case the oft-maligned Evelyn didn't do well. Now I might lose Marianne but Evelyn has turned out to be a monster. I'm going to have fun pegging her next year--her canes are really flexible and floppy!

The problem is that Evelyn and Marianne actually look nothing alike...The only rose I've seen that resembles Marianne is Alchymist. A once-flowering 12 ft climber. Ho ho...