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We've sunk a hardware cloth barrier around Siren's Keep. It ought to be 6 inches below ground but I think we only managed 5 inches below and five inches above...I hope it's good enough. Our soil is very rocky so it was quite an ordeal to install that barrier.

We'll try to put similar barriers around Madame Hardy, Paul Ricault, Madame Plantier and Konigin von Danemark. We'll probably evacuate Capitaine John Ingram, Polonaise and Jude the Obscure for the time being and replant them in the spring with protection. This is so aggravating! I have to protect Prairie Star! I see these stupid tracks in our lawn every year. I love that most websites say that the best defense against voles in the garden is...get this...an outdoor cat. No thanks. Maybe I'm crazy, but I can't sleep at night because I worry about waking up to dead roses.

I wonder if that Permafill Volbloc stuff is worth getting?

On a more positive note, Julia Child is loving her life as a pot rose. She looks better than ever.