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Never the same rose twice.

Golden Princess Outdoors. by Leenechan
Golden Princess Outdoors., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Golden Princess looks different every time she blooms!

We ended up planting this girl in the garden after all. She's a good size and we noticed some powdery mildew on her newer foliage. Overwintering a PM susceptible rose indoors in a pot is a recipe for disaster, even if the room isn't heated! I certainly don't want this rose to suffer like Prairie Harvest did. PH is finally back to normal after spending the entire summer with no leaves. =_=

I think we're going to have to plant Enchanted Autumn, too. Even if it isn't as cold-hardy as we like, (is it Zone 5 or 6?) we'd be better off putting it in the ground and protecting the hell out of it than keeping it indoors and allowing it to be ruined by foliar disease.

So who stays in a pot? Julia Child looks great now but I'm nervous about submitting her to the elements again. Prairie Sunrise and Margo Koster are too small to stay outside. Iobelle and Distant Drums will also stay in pots. I guess...