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Roses In Review.

Now that the growing season is dwindling to a close, I'd like to reflect on the roses we've grown in our garden this year. It's hard to believe that we've only been growing since last year, and our starter rose has given us more trouble than any of the other plants that followed. I'm only going to comment on the ever-bloomers, because we haven't had the once-bloomers long enough to judge.

Simon Estes: A good grower, a good bloomer, good resistance to foliar diseases. It's taken time to produce a nice-looking flush because the blooms do suffer in extremely hot and wet weather. It might not give you a good show for a year, but it's worth the wait! Recommended.

Julia Child: Does much better in a pot. Not that cold-hardy. Not a fast-grower, but when it's well-established the blooms are gorgeous. Handle with care?

Quietness: Not a fast grower or a generous bloomer the first year. Blooms are consistently gorgeous. This one might require patience, like Simon Estes. Recommended.

Prairie Sunrise: Same as Julia Child. Recommended with reservations.

Margo Koster: Very weak grower. Not really recommended unless you're willing to baby it.

Prairie Harvest: Needs spraying for powdery mildew, but beautiful with a nice berry fragrance. I recommend it highly if you like yellow roses, but you must spray!

Winter Sunset: Great grower, great disease resistance. It's a bit floppy and the flowers are flimsy in hot weather but it's probably the easiest rose we grow. Recommended.

Heirloom: Gorgeous color, very inconsistent bloom shape. It might fair better in the long term, but right now I wouldn't recommend it.

Silver Shadows: Good grower, very generous bloomer. Nice fragrance. The habit is a little sloppy and the foliage scorches easily. The blooms are not always consistent but when they're good they're great. Recommended with reservations.

Prairie Star: Decent grower. Decent bloomer, with each flush increasing in size and beauty. Some say it's susceptible to BS, but since I spray I haven't noticed any foliar diseases. Recommended, because it is gorgeous.

Honeysweet: Great grower, generous bloomer. Highly resistant to BS. Recommended if you like the color, which is quite vibrant.

Golden Princess: It got off to a rocky start but it doing much better now. It's a pretty rose but pales in comparison with similar roses like Iobelle and Prairie Harvest. So, I'll reserve judgement until later. UPDATE: Has a little PM...

Iobelle: Good grower, generous bloomer, a fantastic hybrid tea rose. Perhaps my favorite rose of the year. Recommended highly if you can find it...

Enchanted Autumn: Similar to Iobelle. A great grower and bloomer with a fine fragrance. Very highly recommended. Huge, gorgeous flowers. I did notice a little PM yesterday and I will continue to spray.

This is getting too long...I will continue later.