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It's a boring day. I'm still working on the MSD coat. I'm getting down to the end and the whole thing is hanging weirdly off the needle as I knit. Cute ^_^. I am going to be thrilled when I can cast off those stitches. Anything that happens after I finish with the main body of the coat, I can deal with!

Someone keeps opening the front door and slamming it. Stop it already! ;_;

Mom turned the AC off early this morning and left to run some errands. The next time she does that she's going to die.

I have a couple o' things I should be doing right now, but I can't decide on anything. I finished reading/studying Volume 7 of the Persona manga. My plan backfired a little when I found myself forced to learn 7 kanji in one day. I'm trying to do a chapter a week, but one page was overloaded with stuff I didn't know!

I can't decide whether I should go on to Volume 8 or try another series. The Persona manga has been useful because it takes place in a modern setting and doesn't have a lot of fantasy/sci-fi jargon aside from the Personae and the names of their spells. Just the same, I might try a volume of the Violinist of Hamelin, for variety. I picked up one last night and leafed through it; it was very easy to read!

My big gripe is that aside from the lovely online one I can't find a single dependable Japanese/English dictionary for all my vocab needs. I can't be at the computer all the time--it's a pain. I ran across the word ままごと and for the life of me I couldn't find the definition in any of my books. I just looked it up on the online dictionary; it means "playing house." Jeez....was that really that hard? Why can't I do one thing the old-fashioned way?