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Roses Keep Blooming.

Fuzzy Navel! by Leenechan
Fuzzy Navel!, a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

This is "Fuzzy Navel" aka "Winter Sunset." The flowers still droop a bit.

Unfortunately, a brief infestation of spider mites has destroyed "Evelyn"'s 4th flowerbud. But never fear, for the fifth bud is here!

"Evelyn" continues to terrify me. She's 36 inches tall and wide in her first year! I can really see her reaching 8-10 feet sooner rather than later. Weak grower my eye...o_o

Kristen and I have both agreed that we've getting rid of "Moondance" next year. It's not about the thrips--we can handle that. It's the damn blackspot! Picture a 4 foot tall 2 cane wonder with no leaves in your garden--that's "Moondance" right now. And we spray every 10 days with fungicide! I'm not tolerating it any longer. None of our other roses have been doing this poorly. I can think of a million roses that would do nicely in that spot. We'll find a better white rose. "Moondance" makes "Prairie Star" look like a titan.

I'm not sure why I use "Prairie Star" as a yardstick for weak roses when it isn't even doing that badly.

"Polonaise" is blooming again. Lovely flowers but, like all red roses, very difficult to photograph.

"Prairie Sunrise" has a flush coming up soon. It was a really good idea to dig that rose up and pot it this summer. What was once a shriveled stick is now a small but lush plant with many flowerbuds (we pinched all but two) and beautiful foliage.