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Another Second.

"Siren's Keep," Take Two. by Leenechan
"Siren's Keep," Take Two., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Our band of Paul Barden Rose "Siren's Keep" opened her second flower yesterday. It's even bigger than the flower she came with. So far the rose seems vigorous and healthy. I hope she does well, because I really love those big cabbage-y flowers!

Unfortunately, we're finally accepting the fact that "Moondance" is nothing but a blackspot-riddled POS. It produced a few nice-looking flowers this week, but it only has about 5 percent of its leaves right now. And that 5 percent is covered with blackspot. =_= What a piece of crap! We need to find another white rose to replace it next year. My patience has really worn out.

We have at least five good-sized shrub roses right now that produce more flowers and don't have blackspot. Even "Prairie Star" is doing better than this. "Prairie Star" is actually doing all right.

We have "Sugar Moon" on order for next year, but that's a hybrid tea rose. What we'd really love to get is Griffith Buck Rose "Paloma Blanca."


I haven't seen it sold anywhere, unfortunately. Why does it gotta hurt so bad?