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Anything better?

Another "Iobelle." by Leenechan
Another "Iobelle.", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

"Iobelle" continues to impress me with this new flush. I think she might be my favorite of the hybrid teas we're growing this year. I love the color of "Heirloom" and "Silver Shadows," but their bloom form isn't consistently the hybrid-tea shape.

"Iobelle" is really something else! Displayed by her side, "Golden Princess" looks like her little sister. An interesting thing to note about "Golden Princess" is that while the petals seem delicate they're so thick and sturdy they almost feel like plastic. GP is making up for her lack of vigor in a big way.

"Rose de Rescht" bloomed again today. RdR is definitely not one of those roses that opens its flowers in a slow, intricate dance. She just goes POP! And that damask scent is the best.

Thinking about "Evelyn"....I think that in the long run, we're going to have to peg her in a fountain or crown shape. She's set back about five feet from a wall, so I think a trellis is a no-go. It should be an interesting experiment! I know I've said it time and time before, but I had no idea this rose was going to get so big. No one's complained about lack of winter-hardiness, just lack of vigor...and this girl is still growing. A lot. I think I saw bud #3.