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A Surplus of Silver.

The Mysterious Silver Rose. by Leenechan
The Mysterious Silver Rose., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

If there's one complaint I have against "Silver Shadows," it's that the flowers are often flat rosettes instead of hybrid tea shaped. This one looks pretty good, though--and pretty silver!

I am in awe of this customized Frankie I received in the mail last week. She's a Dead Tired Frankie Kristen rerooted with Dollyhair saran in Cupcake Pink and Cotton Candy Pink, and repainted by Retrograde Works. I hadn't originally intended on having this girl repainted, but her eyepaint was damaged in the rerooting process. That kind of thing usually doesn't happen when Kristen rerooted these dolls, but DT Frankie's eyes seem to be abnormally sticky. Now I feel like a whole world has been opened up to me. Isn't she beautiful?