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Queen of Orange?

More "Enchanted Autumn." by Leenechan
More "Enchanted Autumn.", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Among all the apricot/orange roses we've been growing this year, I think that "Enchanted Autumn" is really beautiful and fascinating. Griffith Buck roses tend to look a little utilitarian, but these flowers are downright opulent! Unfortunately, it's not winter-hardy for our zone and has to be grown in a pot...a pot which it has already outgrown.

On the rose front, "Evelyn" continues to grow like crazy. She's two feet tall and seventeen inches wide now. "Siren's Keep" is also shooting up like mad, and has at least two flower buds. I think that rose will be leaving the band nursery very soon.

EDIT: That flower is 4 inches across. Fabulous!