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Late July Report.

Who'd have thought that of our three Austin roses "Evelyn" would be doing the best in our yard? She's shooting up growth all around now, and she's popped another flower bud to boot. I've noticed that the ARS has upgraded "Evelyn"'s score to 7.9...and also upgraded her size to an 8-10 ft climber! Yikes! Northland Rosarium has her dimensions listed as 3' by 3', but I wouldn't be surprised if she hit the 3ft mark by the end of the season!

For all that I've complained about its lack of vigor and stingy blooming at the beginning of the season, "Enchanted Autumn" (that weird bright orange grandiflora) now looks like something out of Little Shop of Horrors. So do "Heirloom" and "Silver Shadows." "Rook" is shooting out suckers. "Duchesse de Montebello" is growing taller by the day. "Gallicandy" is starting to look like a real rosebush...

"Siren's Keep" seems to be a good grower, too. I wish that "Julia Child" would grow more. I might have sung her praises at the beginning of the summer, but she hasn't been performing too well this year.

"Lavender Lassie" has flower buds. "Prairie Star" is getting ready with a new flush, as are "Iobelle," "Distant Drums," "Honeysweet" and ::gasp:: "Golden Princess."

"Quietness" has started to grow...quietly. Up until now, I thought it was sleeping.

"Charles de Mills" wants to live!