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Born in a prison.

"Let me out!" by Leenechan
"Let me out!", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

"Cupcake" has grown pretty big over the past couple of weeks. I've never been that attracted to miniature roses, but I think this one is pretty special. Look at all those petals! If only this rose had a fragrance!

Speaking of big...I still can't get over how much "Chapeau de Napoleon" has been growing over the past month. It might not be the tallest of our roses, but it's definitely the widest! It has a rather attractive low and sprawling habit, like a bonsai tree, or something you'd find growing in the desert. The only problem is that thanks to the rain we have a lot of tall weeds growing around it, and when Kristen tried to clear them out she found a deer tick!

I think that the rabbits are bringing them in. Damn bunnies. We've been seeing a baby hopping around the backyard lately. I guess they're procreating! The Liquid Fence does seem to work well at repelling them from our garden plants. I guess we should just enjoy them, but that spray is pretty expensive.

"Enchanted Autumn" has also grown huge over the past couple of weeks. "Prairie Sunrise" has a good-looking bud. "Distant Drums" and "Simon Estes" should bloom again soon. July is supposed to be the most exciting month for rose growers in CT...but the weather has really been awful. Muggy and humid.