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The same old same old...

Even more "Polonaise." by Leenechan
Even more "Polonaise.", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Well, not really. I'm just really impressed with the longevity of the flowers on "Polonaise."

I ended up cutting "Evelyn"'s flower for a vase. It was drooping so much that it was literally kissing the ground, and I thought that was such a waste. Even though "Jude the Obscure" is considered to be the better rose, I'm very impressed by "Evelyn"'s ability to withstand the heat. AUSjo's flower crumpled up like a used tissue when the temperature hit 90 degrees. "Evelyn" has very sturdy flowers that last for days. It's also growing pretty well right now; I have high hopes.

"Scepter'd Isle" finally has a flower bud. Huzzah!

"Siren's Keep" is starting to grow.

"Winter Sunset" has been giving us some lovely ground flowers...XD

"Silver Shadows" 1 and 2 continue to be the beasts of the garden. The potted rose is putting out another flush already, and the ground rose is growing another wing. I really don't get it. I thought this was going to be a fussy specimen rose, grown mostly as a curiosity, but it's still outperforming everything in our yard.

Speaking of beasts..."Chapeau de Napoleon" must know that I'm sweet on it. I call it my "little prince"...In addition to growing four inches in three weeks, it's also sending out a fat cane from its base. It's now the largest of our OGRs. Yikes!