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Well, since "Evelyn" is only our second Austin rose to bloom, it would be hard to judge. I've heard all sorts of bad things about this rose: it's finicky, not vigorous, a diva, etc...but we got her as a good-sized own-root gallon from Chamblee's and she seems like she's doing fine.

Yes, for the first month we were wondering if she was a plastic plant. It seems that "Evelyn" likes being fertilized and likes being planted in the shade of a building. We've planted her behind our garage, next to our Nikko Blue hydrangea.

I'm not sure if the soil pH has anything to do with our success so far. It's around 5.5 over there, hence the blue hydrangea.

I think that if I saw this rose potted up in a nursery it would knock my socks off. The blossom has a delightful peachy rose fragrance. I had always considered "Evelyn" to be our biggest gamble, but if she's bloomed after two months in the ground, that's a good sign, no?