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Falling in love with the misfit.

"Moondance" has been really blowing my mind lately. If not for its issues with blackspot and thrips, it could easily become my favorite rose.

I can't believe I'm saying it. But really, look at that spray! I still see a little thrips damage on some of the flowers, but it's easy enough to pick off one or two blooms when there are twenty more where that came from.

I'm wondering if maybe the thrips were so bad last year because "Moondance" was only putting out one bud at a time. This year I'm finding one or two thrips in a bloom, as opposed to dozens. Then again, maybe I'm managing to kill them.

Either way, the population has been reduced to the point that I can actually enjoy the flowers. And they are amazing.

If it weren't for the thrips, I could see myself liking white roses the best of any color.

As for the other roses, "Jude the Obscure," "Evelyn," "Polonaise" and "Enchanted Autumn" are fattening up their buds. I can't wait to see them bloom!