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Of the ones that I've seen bloom so far, at least! I like all colors of roses, but I'm partial to those with a high petal count that don't explode within twenty-four hours. Let's just say that as of tonight, these are the roses in our garden that I think are the most beautiful. In no particular order:

1).Julia Child. Though her flowers have been a bit on the puny side so far this year, they have lovely color, lovely form and a lovely fragrance.

2).Marianne. I think I posted several pictures of her when she was in bloom. I am in awe of those big fluffy flowers that age so beautifully. If this rose doesn't do well it's going to break my heart.

3).Margo Koster. Does this come as a surprise? Now that Margo has overcome her transplant shock she's been putting out the most glorious dark coral blooms, like tiny peonies. And these flowers have lasted in 90 degree heat for four days so far. They're fantastic. I never though a little polyantha could bowl me over like this.

4). Chapeau de Napoleon. This one only gave me two flowers in its first season. The first one was a little waterspotted, but the second took my breath away. It looked so soft and cushy, I kept wanting to squish it! And it smelled so good...

5). Quietness. A big pink sugar rose. It's what I always wanted. Now if only it would set out more buds...

6). Prairie Star. It's a beautiful cream-to-peach colored rose, with 60 petals! And it's finally starting to grow. It doesn't seem particularly vigorous, which is too bad. Those flowers are amazing.

7). Prairie Harvest. Pale lemon yellow roses look like big full moons in the garden. I always thought I'd prefer an orange to a yellow rose, but maybe not...

8). Iobelle. Huge pink and white flowers so perfect they look like they're fake.

9). Silver Shadows. A classic hybrid tea rose, if not for the unusual gray-lavender color. This is probably the most fragrant Buck rose.

10). Distant Drums. Unusual and gorgeous coloring, big flowers with many petals. I am pleased. The myrrh fragrance is pretty odd. Sometimes it smells like cinnamon, sometimes like chocolate.

11). Siren's Keep. I've only seen one flower, and it was quite a flower.

12). Cupcake. An adorable mini rose that also has a high petal count.

Roses that have great color but open up too wide and scatter their petals too fast: Folk Singer, Honeysweet, Winter Sunset, Griff's Red. I don't like it when roses flash me, but these are still nice to have as landscape plants.

Roses that have flowers a bit small for my tastes but make up for it with great fragrance: Rose de Rescht, Madame Plantier.

Roses I am really undecided about this time: Aptos (it won't bloom right!) and Moondance (it's an insect-riddled disease bag).