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Big Hail!

We got a big hail storm today. I didn't get to see the worst/best of it, because I was cowering in our basement bathroom, but Kristen brought in a big bowl of what would be considered severe hail, the largest piece measuring about 1.25 inches. Apparently our town hit the jackpot today. We get plenty of severe thunderstorms during the summer, but I haven't seen Big Hail since I was in third grade. At least the sky didn't turn green this time. Someone in town reported 2 inch hail. We might have gotten a few pieces that were as big, but they all melted within ten minutes in the 90 degree heat.

Unfortunately, the hail broke a big piece off "Gallicandy," and it didn't have much to spare. I know it has good roots, and I hope it'll recover. AUSjo's buds got damaged, too. If I end up having to pinch them and wait for the next flush, well, it would better for the plant that way.

Fortunately, AUSsaucer's precious only flowerbud was undamaged. AUSsaucer=Evelyn. I'm not sure why I keep calling the Austin roses by their alternate names. They just strike me as amusing. AUSland did not lose any buds because it had no buds to lose. In the fall we'll be getting AUSwonder and AUSbonny from Chamblee's. An interesting note about AUSbonny a.k.a "Wildeve." For those of you like me who assumed that the name is an abbreviation of "Wild Eve," it ain't! The rose is named after a character from a Thomas Hardy novel named Wildeve (pronounced Will deeve). I think he's supposed to be a womanizer or something.

"Distant Drums" is going to bloom for the first time tomorrow. I've already taken a whiff of its unusual "myrrh" scent. And it smells like...a peony.

EDIT: If I don't get my hands on AUSwest next year, I think I will die. I would also like AUSbernard, but it seems hard to find. I've always had a crush on AUSquest, but I think it might be too big for my yard.

But the Austin rose that excites me the most is AUShunter. Now I've never seen that one sold anywhere!