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Such a strange rose...

Little "Silver." by Leenechan
Little "Silver.", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

It's "Silver Shadows" again.

Only this flower is from the plant in our front yard we got as a mislabeled "Quietness." And it's definitely "Silver Shadows!" Unlike the flat rosette flower it gave us at the beginning of the month, this time it's a proper hybrid tea shape. And very close to silver. It's an interesting rose..

Of all the roses we grow it probably has one of the worst ARS ratings: 7.2. Yet it grows faster and gives us more flowers than any of our other roses. It's allegedly not very cold-hardy but survived a CT winter with no snow cover. We did winter-protect it, but in the end it suffered about as much dieback as "Julia Child."

The strange thing is that as of now, "Silver Shadows" is probably the best rose we have in our garden. The only rose we have that outblooms it is "Moondance," and "Moondance" is a bug-eaten, blackspot magnet. Not bad for a rose that we got as an oddity. We never thought it'd wind up being part of the backbone of our rose garden.

Maybe "Evelyn" will surprise us as well?