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Rose Growth.

Simon Estes= 1'

Margo Koster= 2''

Chapeau de Napoleon= 4''

Silver Shadows (in ground)= 2''

Aptos= 3''

Moondance= 1''

Prairie Harvest= 1''

Winter Sunset= 4''

Duchesse de Montebello= 2''

Cupcake= 5''

Evelyn= 1''

Felicite Parmentier= 1/2''

Silver Shadows (potted)= 2''

Heirloom= 2''

Iobelle= 1''

Enchanted Autumn= 3''

Honeysweet= 2''

Distant Drums= 3 1/2''

Polonaise= 2''

Folksinger= 5''

Jude the Obscure= 2 1/2''

Polareis= 6''

Marianne= 1''

Madame Plantier= 2''

Konigin von Danemark= 2''

James Mason= 2''

The other roses either grew wider instead of taller (Madame Hardy, Julia Child and Prairie Sunrise)or didn't grow at all (Golden Princess, Prairie Star). One can deduce from this list which roses in our garden are either 1). more vigorous or 2). destined to be giant monsters. Polareis, I'm looking at you! So if any of you are interested in trying out some of the roses we grow, you can see here which ones are the best growers. My recommendations so far are=

OGRs= Chapeau de Napoleon, Konigin von Danemark, Duchesse de Montebello

Shrub Roses= Prairie Harvest, Winter Sunset, Folksinger, Honeysweet, Jude the Obscure (grew a little taller but much wider!

I haven't seen Polareis bloom yet so I can't judge it completely...but wow, what a fast grower! Aptos has grown a lot but hasn't flowered much.

As far as hybrid teas go, Silver Shadows is a good grower here but it might not do as well in different climates. And Cupcake...Cupcake is great.