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The Chronicles of "Moondance."

My problem child. The outer petals of this bloom are burnt by the sun, but I'm not seeing any thrips inside. I don't know if our treatment has been successful or not. Maybe last year was just a bad year for thrips? It's good to see some improvement with the flowers, because in spite of its problems with blackspot and thrips "Moondance" is a very generous plant. And the flowers have an awesome fake raspberry smell, like a scratch-and-sniff sticker.

Boy do I miss those...child of the '80s that I am!

As far as the other roses go, "Prairie Star," our other problem child, seems to be entering a growth cycle. Finally! "Chapeau de Napoleon" has grown lots. "Honeysweet" has bloomed lots but the flowers aren't very long lasting. We're starting to recognize which roses are heat-lovers and which roses are bothered by excessive heat.

The Austin roses wilt in the heat. "Silver Shadows", "Winter Sunset" and "Enchanted Autumn" also wilt. "Prairie Harvest" (which is looking quite good right now) seems to be a heat lover. "Julia Child", "Rook" and "Chapeau de Napoleon" don't seem to care. I suppose I could make a list but I don't have the energy right now! At least this might give people an idea of which roses might tolerate shade, and which prefer more sun.