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Enough "Iobelle?"

"Iobelle," Day Two. by Leenechan
"Iobelle," Day Two., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Well, we don't have any other roses blooming right now. "Honeysweet" is getting close, though. "Iobelle" doesn't have much of a fragrance, but the flower shape is pretty much perfect for a hybrid tea. And no nodding!

Remember all those butterfly bushes we planted last year? With the exception of "Miss Molly," which died a sad death,"Miss Ruby" and "Pink Delight", they're all close to seven feet tall! By year two! I don't think I was prepared for their height--they should have issued a warning on the plant tag. So if you buy a butterfly bush, be careful where you plant it. It will probably get huge. Yikes!