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Peer Pressure?

I guess it's just natural for rose gardeners to enable/entice each other to buy more roses! Northland Rosarium put this up as a new rose this year, and as a last ditch purchase I nabbed it along with the mega thorny hybrid musk rose "Lavender Lassie."

The color of this bloom is hard to capture in a photo. I guess I'd call it dark rose? Mauve? It's on the small side but it smells heavenly. I still can't quite wrap my brain around the concept of an everblooming OGR. It sounds too good to be true!

Iobelle has almost opened its first flower. Silver Shadows in the ground opened one flower and it's ugly. Probably from the stress of maintaining 9 buds at once (and we did pinch back half the flush!). I'm thinking that maybe we should pot that one up too and save the spot for a more cold-hardy rose? The potted Silver Shadows is doing so well, after all.