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To Plant Or Not To Plant?

Now that we've transplanted "Duchesse de Montebello" from the Band Nursery into the garden, she's growing like a fiend. It's only been a couple of days, and she's up to almost 13 inches! I wonder if our garden soil is better for the roses than potting mix? Here I was worried that the rose would suffer transplant shock and shrivel up in her bed. Instead she's giving us a thumbs' up. XD The soil pH around that area is 6.0. I know that roses like slightly acid soil. I think it's funny that in spite of our woes with insects, rabbits and fungus we actually have pretty decent soil in our yard. Even if it is full of rocks. Hey, the weeds love it!

It makes me wonder whether or not we should let the other babies go as well. After all, they've all grown a bit since we got them last month. Over the past two weeks "Rook" and "Felicite Parmentier" have really picked up the pace. FP at least looks like she's ready to go. She might not be very tall but she's filled out a lot. "Polareis" was the same size when we got it and we planted that right away.

As for "Gallicandy"...well, I'm sure that if we put a plant prop around it it'll be fine. Since its max size is 5 feet tall and 8 feet wide (LOL) we're going to put it against the north side of our house, next to "Cornelia."

I just can't help but wonder if those roses have exhausted all the nutrients in their potting soil. Of course we can fertilize them, but maybe it would be better to plant them already? "Duchesse de Montebello" really greened up after we planted her. Decisions, decisions. I think that at least FP is ready to go in the ground.

We picked up a new Japanese iris called "Ocean Mist" this weekend. It's really tall and has similiar coloring to our tall bearded iris "After the Storm." I tried to take a photo but it turned out crappy.