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Roses: Heights as of June 2012.

NR= Northland Rosarium
CH=Chamblee's Rose Nursery
RVR=Rogue Valley Roses
WFF=White Flower Farm
WG=Wayside Gardens

Prairie Sunrise (NR band): Planted 9/2011--6''
Quietness(NR band): Planted 6/2012--14''
Julia Child(WFF gallon): Planted 10/2011--8''
Golden Princess(CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--12''
Simon Estes(NR band): Planted 9/2011--10''
Margo Koster(CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--12''
Silver Shadows 1(CH gallon): Planted 10/2011--19''
Distant Drums(CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--9 1/2''
Iobelle(NR band): Planted 5/2012--11''
Chapeau de Napoleon(NR band): Planted 9/2011--9''
Enchanted Autumn(CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--13 1/2''
Silver Shadows 2(NR gallon): Planted 9/2011--12''
Scepter'd Isle (CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--12''
Duchesse de Montebello (RVR band): Planted 5/2012--11''
Prairie Harvest (CH gallon): Planted 10/2011--23''
Winter Sunset (CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--16''
Rook (RVR band): Planted 5/2012--12''
Felicite Parmentier(RVR band): Planted 5/2012--9 1/2''
Heirloom (CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--13''
Honeysweet (CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--13''
Gallicandy (RVR ?): Planted 5/2012--29''
Griff's Red (CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--15''
Prairie Star (CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--14''
Polonaise (CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--13''
Madame Hardy (NR band): Planted 5/2012--14''
James Mason (NR band): Planted 9/2011--15''
Madame Plantier (NR band): Planted 5/2012--15''
Konigin von Danemark (NR band): Planted 6/2012--12''
Marianne (RVR gallon): Planted 5/2012--21''
Polareis (NR band): Planted 5/2012--17''
Jude the Obscure (CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--12''
Folk Singer (CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--13''
Cupcake (CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--11 1/2''
Evelyn (CH gallon): Planted 5/2012--11''
Moondance (WG bareroot): Planted 6/2011--43''
Aptos (NR band): Planted 9/2011--36''
Cornelia (RVR band): Planted 6/2012--6''