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Our only bloomer.

Twin Julias. by Leenechan
Twin Julias., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Well, right now, at least. Our rose garden is still young!

It's a shame that "Julia Child" seems to be harder to photograph than the other roses. In spite of her small stature, she's a very generous plant.

"Aptos" actually bloomed a little yesterday, but the flower was destroyed by rain. The bloom was still single instead of semi-double, but it's supposedly not unusual for a young hybrid musk rose to screw it up for the first flush. At least this time the flower was the proper apricot instead of white.

We planted "Aptos" in September of last year (you can really plant own-root roses anytime, but I personally wouldn't recommend planting them in Zone 5 or 6 any later than the middle of September). It started out as a band, and now it's just shy of three feet tall. At this point our tallest rose is "Moondance" at 43 inches, then "Aptos" at 34 inches, followed by our potted "Silver Shadows" at 24 inches. So you can see we have a very young rose garden!

"Julia Child" is currently only about six inches tall. But such a bloomer!